Personal Reconnection – 12 June 2011 – Cape Town, South Africa
My name is Grant Flynn
Today was my final session with, whom I call my spiritual healer, Heather Proudfoot. Today completed the last of 2 session of my reconnection. I wish to document this now in case I forget anything and as reference for others.
Took a while for me to surrender to what is about to happen – I have a very busy mind. I remember seeing waves of energy the moment the session began, shortly afterwards I saw “church organ” like poles above my body, endlessly reaching for the sky. Next thing I recall lying down – I don’t know where I am, but nothing is of solid structure – this place is purely energy based. There are bodies (in the form of human bodies) of energy looking over my body, almost as to identify/confirm who/what I am. Were they expecting me?? It seems so as they peer over me analysing, with a sense of gathering, they lift me up. They know where to take me. They take me to a place where I can ask my questions. The surroundings are colours of orange, dark browns, black, shadows. I feel like I do not have the ability to see properly here. That will come.
They take me to a being that I know – we all know. A rock like mountainside, a boulder, we are high up. Smooth and enormous, but not solid. It is my Father, your Father, the one that connects us all. I am back with my family – this is a place I know. Perfect understanding and trust – pure love. I ask the questions I want to know the answers to. The questions that are in your head that you probably always knew the answers to, but too scared to admit it.
I ask what the purpose of my being is. He responds: “You are a soldier – a voice of the human race. A voice for those who cannot speak, for those who cannot be heard. A soldier to break the chains of the ego that bind the human race to self-destruction/pain and conflict. There are many of you.”
I always knew that this is what I was supposed to do, but as where it was a dream inside my head before – now there is clarity – confirmation.
I admit to being scared – he tells me not to be. I am young, and no matter which place I am in, I am still young. With that there is natural doubt, anxiety, mixed emotion. “Do not let yourself be limited by the means of the human body/mind/system/world.” He tells me to be strong, be brave, persevere, and everything will turn out as planned. He loves me; he will always be with me.
I can feel that our time is running out. I will go back, back to continue my “mission” – I am a soldier of the universe, a voice for the human race, to spread light and joy wherever I go.
The last bit of time I have left I spend lying down – looking above, admiring what I can “see”. I think this is also in preparation for my trip back. I look at the “sky” above. I see colours, waves of energy – like the ocean in the sky – explosions of light. I know I am going back now. Everyone is one there – individual, but one – one energy with different purposes – all working towards a common goal: to love. There is nothing that is bad there – it cannot exist.
I see the pipes again. I think I am on my way back. I remember seeing three’s. I don’t know if they were stars, an emblem, map??? 3 or 2 dots at one stage look liked stars.
The last landscape visuals I remember are looking up at the energy sky, then the 3 stars, then I saw Koeberg power station from the air – it represented the human race at that current place in the universe – the complete opposite of the energy sky, then I saw Table mountain. It represented my place of rest/home on earth for the next while – it filled me with hope and love, and made me believe that I am here for a reason.
Next thing Heather touched my shoulder gently and whispered my name and I was back in the room. I opened my eyes and could feel the near tear that wanted to fall down from my eyelid. Happiness, sadness, and sense of over whelmingness all at that same time. The answers that I was looking for were there. They were always there, but now they were in my face. It’s confirmed.
A soldier of the universe and voice of the human race – a voice for those who cannot speak and those who cannot be heard – to break the chains of the ego that prevent the human race from excelling.
It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Dear Heather
Here is a brief outline of my healing –
I have had a long history of serious bleeding and many life threatening hemorrhages. One at the age of age 33, resulted in a stroke and was almost fatal. I had two operations in October 2010 and needed another, but the specialist requested tests because my blood was not clotting, and he could not complete the operation under those circumstances. I could not get an appointment with the hematologist until the 3rd Feb. 2011. In between having the second operation and waiting for that appointment, I had 3 sessions with you. After another battery of blood tests, my doctor has not yet had a report. Apparently this is because all the tests came back normal! They are extremely puzzled, especially as I gave the hematologist reports from surgeons confirming my bleeding problem.
Rachel, Cape Town

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